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==System overview==
===Hardware Detailsdetails===
* Downstream RF plasma: up to 1000 W
* Heated chuck: 30°C – 200°C
===Material restrictions===
[[File:Etch_material_layers.png|right|diagram of typical material stack during an etch]]The {{PAGENAME}} is designated as a [[{{#switch: {{#var:restriction}} | 1 = CMOS Clean | 2 = Semi-Clean| 3 = Metals | 4 = General| Undefined}}]] class tool. A full list of approved materials is included at the end of this section. In addition to the restrictions in this list, materials can be classified into four categories, detailed below: materials that may be '''etched''', materials that can be used as '''masks''', '''etch stop''' materials, and '''buried''' materials. Use of any material outside of these conditions requires approval by the LNF staff via a helpdesk ticket. ====Materials etched====Any ''lab supported'' [[photoresist]] may be etched in this tool. Other approved polymers include PDMS, parylene, and polyimide. The tool may also be used to clean wafers (no etched film). For etching any materials other than these, LNF approval is required via a helpdesk ticket. ====Mask and etch stop materials====This includes any material that will be exposed to the plasma during the process. Materials listed in the Approved materials list are allowed. Any other materials must be approved by the LNF via a helpdesk ticket. ====Approved materials====Below is a list of approved materials for the tool. ''Approved'' means the material is allowed in the tool under the conditions described above. If a material is not listed, please create a helpdesk ticket or email [] for any material restrictionsrequests or questions. <div class="NavFrame" style="font-size:100%;margin:0;border-style:none;padding:0;"> <div class="NavFrame" style="border-style:solid;background:#fff;padding:0.2em;"> <div class="NavHead" style="background:#ddd;text-align:center;">{{Big|Approved materials}}</div> <div class="NavContent" style="text-align:left;">{{#widget:ApprovedMaterials|toolid={{#var:toolid}}{{{1|}}}|header=N}}</div> </div></div>
==Supported processes==
==Standard operating procedure==
<!-- To include a document from google docs, use the line below, replace "googledocid" with the ID for the document. Remember, to make this visible, you must set Sharing for the document to "Anyone with the link can view". -->The operating system can be found in the complete user manual, found '''[ hereview?usp=sharing PDF Copy].''' <!--{{#widget:GoogleDoc|key=1GzEZMMOQftr7JyJfj8uesD_3cbGWVE3AN4Rg6y9DbKI1BIA91s15C-1ja4j1KIjTy3KRzyjeq0Fjywk2CdsCTtA}}-->
==Checkout procedure==
* A leak check and plasma clean is performed monthly* The chamber is disassembled and cleaned once per quarter and process condition is verified.twice a year
===User authorized maintenance===
The only maintenance that users are authorized to perform is tool startup in the event of a power bump. Please see the [ Startup and Shutdown Procedure] for more details.
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