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This page captures updates related to the LNF operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
{{color|#ff0000|3/12/2021: Daily cleaning steps have been updated}}<br>
See for more details.
# '''Any in-person session that requires individuals to be closer than 6ft is suspended''', and this applies to both sessions with LNF staff and sessions with other users.
# In-person sessions where the individuals can maintain 6ft distancing at all times can continue following [[COVID-19_Protocols#In-person_support the current protocols]].
# Intake of new laboratory users will continue to the extent possible considering the restrictions above. New/prospective users can proceed through all the online steps listed at but {{color|#ff0000|'''be prepared for delays during the in-person training'''}}. If there are any special or urgent circumstances, PIs should contact me so that we can find a solution.- All other COVID-19 protocols remain in place.# In addition, please remember that all researchers (internals and externals) who spend time onsite on campus are encouraged to participate in the {{color|#ff0000|'''weekly testing program'''}}:
'''11/10/2020: Staggered schedule of evaporators is no longer in effect'''<br>
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