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STS Pegasus 4

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* High selectivity to photoresist and [[SiO2|SiO<sub>2</sub>]]
==System Overviewoverview=====Hardware Detailsdetails===
** High Precision Fast Acting Chamber Mounted MFC's
** 30 A outer electromagnet
===Substrate Requirementsrequirements===
The {{PAGENAME}} is equipped to handle 4” (100 mm wafers) up to 3 mm thick. All smaller samples must be mounted to a carrier wafer. All standard major and minor flats and full-round wafers are allowed.
====Sample Mountingmounting====
{{see also | Sample mounting}}
For all standard (Bosch process) recipes, an SiO2 coated carrier is required, unless otherwise instructed by a tool engineer. For non-bosch process recipes, create a helpdesk ticket and staff will help you determine the appropriate material.
===Material Restrictionsrestrictions===
{{material restrictions}}
==Supported Processesprocesses==
In addition to these, this tool has a number of user-created recipes for specific processes. Some of these recipes are documented on [[LNF User:{{BASEPAGENAME}} User Processes|{{BASEPAGENAME}} User Processes]]. For more information, please contact the tool engineers via the helpdesk ticket system.
==Standard Operating Procedureoperating procedure==
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==Checkout Procedureprocedure==
Follow this procedure to receive authorization to run supported processes. Practicing with an authorized user or staff member prior to checkout is strongly encouraged.
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