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LNF Picture Contest

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==2020 LNF Photo Contest Winners==
Fist place: '''Wonjin Choi''' for ''Microscale Kirigami Net'' (Prof. Kotov's group, U-M Chemical Engineering)<br />
Second place: '''Jong Kim''' for ''Organic Impressionism'' (Prof. Forrest's group, U-M Electrical and Computer Engineering)<br />
Third place: '''Ashley Jian''' for ''Modern Art Oil Painting'' (Prof. Ahmadi's group, U-M Electrical and Computer Engineering)<br />
ArtsEngine Winner: '''Audrey Rose Gutierrez''' for ''Sun Beats Down'' (Prof. Reddy's group, U-M Mechanical Engineering)<br />
[[File:2020_LNF_Picture_Contest_Winners.jpg|center|750px|2019 LNF Picture Contest Winners]]
== About the Contest ==
Second prize: $75<br />
Third prize: $50 <br /><br />
 This year ArtsEngine We are happy to have partnered with '''[ ] will grant ''' who also grants $100 for the "ArtsEngine Honorary Award" to the entry "''that demonstrates a mastery of subject matter and artistic impression".  {{tip|You can submit an image through LNF Online Services: [ '''Picture Contest Submissions'''] Submission deadline has been extended until December 15, 2020.}}<br>
* Submissions are done via the LNF Online Services.
* Title the image, use a name that relates to what you see in the photos-show your creativity (i.e. "Sunrise in LNF"). In addition, include a technical description (500 character max).
<!-- == Voting== --> <!-- Voting for the 2021 contest is active. You can vote until midnight on January 31st, 2021. To vote please click on the button below or go to the following link []. You can also vote from the LNF Online System by clicking on the VOTE button.
[[File:Capture.PNG|center|VOTE|link=]] -->
<!-- ==Instructions for Submission==
* You may upload 1 image only. To replace an image you must delete it and then upload a new one. Note: you can combine multiple images into one collage.
* Descriptions and photos should not contain any personal information, such as your name. Please only use alphanumerical characters. (no quotes etc)
* There is a 500 character limit for descriptions. Any text beyond this will be truncated. -->
==2020 LNF Photo Contest Winners==
Fist place: Wonjin Choi<br />
Second place:Jong Kim <br />
Third place: Ashley Jian <br />
'''ArtsEngine Winner''': Audrey Rose Gutierrez <br />
[[File:2020_LNF_Picture_Contest_Winners.jpg|center|750px|2019 LNF Picture Contest Winners]]
==Past Winners==
*'''2019 Photo Contest Winners'''<br />
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