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This page captures updates related to the LNF operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
'''{{color|#ff0000|63/14/2022: Masking policy update}}'''<br>Following updated U-M recommendations, masking has become optional in most indoor spaces, effective March 14, 2022. Details are at<br>As a reminder, masks are still mandatory inside the LNF labs (cleanroom and ROBIN).<br> '''10/2120/2021: Update on a number of LNF protocolsdistancing requirements lifted for fully vaccinated individuals'''}}<br>Following updated recommendations, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer require to socially distance in the LNF spaces. As a consequence:* Lab occupancy reservations are no longer required in any of the LNF spaces. * Individuals working together are no longer required to wear training face shields nor create Helpdesk tickets to document those sessions, and groups of more than 2 are allowed.* Social distancing is still strongly recommended for individuals who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.* See [[COVID-19_Protocols Dedicated COVID protocols wiki page]] for all details. Key elements are listed below '''6/21/2021: Update on a number of LNF protocols'''
* LNF reopening to processing on Sundays
* Regular weekly store hours resuming, Mon Thu 9:30-10:30am
* Lab occupancy reservation requirements pilot program maintained expanded and clarification on spaces that require / do not require occupancy reservation
* Increased occupancy limit in cleanroom gowning room
'''5/29/2020''' Material from the Friday 5/29 talk on Operations ramp up:
* [ Slides] and [ 74y4ta9ajsd6dft/2020-05%20ramp%20up-29T13_05_No%20Q.mp4?dl=0 recording]
* The calendar for the Fiji ALD temperature rotation has been updated [[Veeco_Fiji_ALD]]
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