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CEE Developer 2

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==Checkout Procedure==
<!-- Describe the checkout procedure for the tool. For example: --># Complete a [[Lithography training session]]. If you have already completed this for another tool, you do not need to complete it again.# Practice on the tool with your mentor# Read through this page and the SOP#Complete the SOP quiz [ Standard Operating ProcedureuDMSjD9GKcmnECFY9 here] above.# Complete the SOP quiz Schedule a time for a checkout [ here].# Create a [{{#var:toolid}} Helpdesk Tickethelpdesk ticket] requesting a for final confirmation of your checkoutappointment.# A tool engineer will schedule a time for a checkout. If this checkout is successful, the engineer will authorize you on the tool.
Twice a week during lab clean the CEE's are cleaned and organized. Also the vacuum fluid trap is routinely emptied.
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