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Solvent Bench 94

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[[Solvent Bench 94]] is located in the ROBIN laboratory. It is mostly used for [[Soft_lithography|soft lithography]], sample mounting and solvent cleaning.
For working with [[PDMS]] or SU-8, curing samples, or applying release agent, this bench should be reserved. The reservation of this bench allows exclusive use of the Solvent Bay and the tools located there (i.e., the [[Solitec Laurell Spinner]], hot plates, vacuum jars for degassing PDMS and release agent coating), except for the [[Dimatix_Inkjet_Printer|Dimatix Ink Jet printer]] and [[Lindbergh_Convection_Oven|Lindbergh Convection Oven]]. Numerous user-specific processes also take place in [[Solvent Bench 94]].
* Please remember to wear an extra eye protection (mask) when danger of splashing when handling liquids. Masks are available on all benches.
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