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Lab 18-2

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|mask =
|size = 150mm x 4mm and smaller samples
|gases = [[Ar]], [[N2|N<sub>2</sub>]], [[O2|O<sub>2</sub>]]
|overview = <!--[ System Overview]-->
|sop = <!--[ SOP]-->
|processes = [[{{PAGENAME}}/Lab 18-2#Supported Processes|Supported Processes]]
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Lab 18-2 is a magnetron [[Sputter_deposition|sputter deposition]] tool used for '''depositing''' '''common and precious metalsthe application of very thin films; 10-2000nm.''' Sputter deposition This tool is achieved by bombarding a source material with energetic ions, typically Ar+. Atoms at the surface of the target are knocked loose, and transported set up to the surface of the substratedeposit metals including; Au, where deposition occurs. Electrically conductive material such as Al, W, and Ti can use a dc power source, in which the target acts as the cathode in a diode system. Sputtering of dielectrics such as silicon dioxidePt, or aluminum oxide requires an Rf power source to supply energy to the argon atoms. Sputter films are ideal for sidewall coverage in low thermal budget cases for contact Cr and insulating layers over featuresW among others.
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*The target configuration has been moved to the Supported Process section belowMaterials are changed every Monday {{#widget:Iframe|url= Follow the link to Lab 18com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-21vRlmI6w0KI2KXYHH8xyUxhCIDwpUBR0qohNJR61GuVr64OLT9rNYjGCAQ0o9XEGKd2QPwqdJ6uVdsB4/Processes. On that page under the Target Calendar header is the link to the calendar.pubhtml?gid=1242670380&amp;single=true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false|width=900|height=500|border=0}} [|Lab 18-2 Target Change CalendarLink]*Need a different metal? Request it with Helpdesk!
* Computer controlled recipes
* Load lock supported processing
* limited Limited film stress versatility with in film development.* Reactive Film capabilities (Ar, O<sub>2</sub>, and N<sub>2</sub>)
==Supported Processes==
=== Tool Manual ===
Includes an introduction to the tool and reservation information.
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==Checkout Procedure==
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