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Lab 18-2

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Lab 18-2 is a magnetron [[sputter deposition]] tool used for '''depositing''' '''common and precious metalsthe application of very thin films; 10-2000nm.''' Sputter deposition This tool is achieved by bombarding set up to deposit a source material with energetic ionsrange of metals primarily: Au, typically Ar+. Atoms at the surface of the target are knocked looseTi, and transported to the surface of the substratePt, where deposition occurs. Electrically conductive material such as AlCr, W, Al and Ti can use a dc power source, in which the target acts as the cathode in a diode systemIr. Sputtering of dielectrics such as silicon dioxide, or aluminum oxide requires an Rf power source to supply energy to the argon atoms. Sputter Most deposited films are ideal for sidewall coverage in low thermal budget cases for contact and insulating layers over featuresprecise to +/-1 nm.
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