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MA-BA-6 Mask-Bond Aligner

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The tooling can also be changed out to provide wafer to wafer alignment for wafers that need to be aligned before bonding in the SB6-E.
Exposure of all LNF approved photoresists are allowed on this tool in accordance with standard operating procedure. More data on photoresist exposure times can be found on datasheet for the supported processes page [[MA-BA-6_Mask-Bond_Aligner/Processes]].Data sheets for specific Photoresists can be found [[herephotoresist]]. '''LNF Supported Processes''' See standard operating procedure, and system overview for an understanding of what is supported and what can be expected from this tool. '''Custom Process Development''' For custom processes, please create a ticket to speak with a tool engineer, who will help you set up a process to fit your needs.
==Standard Operating Procedure==
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