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MA6 Mask Aligner

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{{infobox equipment
|caption =
|materials = [[Photoresist]]|mask =4", 5", 7" mask plates|size =4" and 6" wafers. Pieces with staff approval|chemicals =LNF approved photoresists|gases = |overview = [[{{PAGENAME}}#System_overview System_Overview | System Overview]]|sop = [ SOP]
|processes = [[{{PAGENAME}}/Processes|Supported Processes]]
|userprocesses = [[LNF_User:{{PAGENAME}}_user_processes|User Processes]]
|maintenance = [[{{PAGENAME}}#Maintenance | Maintenance]]
{{warningThis tool is primarily used to expose [[Photoresist|This page has not been released yetphoto-definable]] materials. We allow 4” masks, 5” masks, 7” masks, transparencies, shadow masking, or just flood exposure.}} <!-- Insert The tooling can also be changed out to provide wafer to wafer alignment for wafers that need to be aligned before bonding in the tool description here [[SB-->6E Bonder]].
<!--A more general description of what the tool is capable of doing.-->
* 1-2 µm min feature size resolution in thin resist
* Aspect Ratio 1:3 fairly standard
* Substrate thickness 200 µm to 4 mm possible
* Capable of back side alignment
*Update this with announcements as necessary


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