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Detailed characterization data for the etch can be found [https[File://driveUk_submicron_2um.googlejpg|thumbnail]][[ herejpg|thumbnail]].
===Etch/Dep Rate===
Etch rate is feature size dependent - smaller features will etch slower than larger ones. Bulk etch rate is approximately 2600 2500 Å/min. The etch exhibits minimal [[loading]] effect. * Thermal oxide: 2450 Å/min* GSI Oxide 200C: 3500 Å/min* GSI Oxide 350C: 3000 Å/min* GSI Oxide 350 thin: 2900 Å/min {{note|These values were last updated on Feb 25, 2019. For the most recent values for thermal oxide, please see the qualification section below.}}
===Mask Selectivity===
The etch rate of [[SPR 220]] is approximately 100 nm1600 A/min, giving a (selectivity of ~21.5:1). Selectivity will be lower on smaller features, due to the decrease in oxide etch rate.This is the etch rate on a 6" wafer. Selectivity may be lower on samples/wafers mounted to a carrier due to increased sample heating. * [[SPR 200]]: 1600 Å/min (selectivity 1.5:1)* [[PMMA]]: approximately 1800 Å/min (selectivity ~1.3:1).* Stoichiometric [[LPCVD]] [[silicon nitride]] (Si3N4): 1750 Å/min (selectivity 1.4:1).* GSI nitride 200C: 2400 Å/min* Poly-Si: 450 Å/min
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