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Acid Bench 73

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Acid Bench 73 is a wet bench used for working with [[:Category:Acid|acids]], mostly for [[Wet etching|etching]] and [[cleaning]] of samples that have had metals and/or polymers on them. It is considered a [[Metals]] class tool, so wafers with metal are allowed in the bench. It is intended for use with mixed materials and all substrate sizes up to 6 inches with the main focus being on piece parts.
* Automated Bottle Wash
==System Overviewoverview=====Chemicals Allowedallowed===
* [[Acetic Acid|Acetic Acid (C<sub>2</sub>H<sub>4</sub>O<sub>2</sub>)]]
* [[Aluminum Etch|Aluminum Etch]]
* [[Sulfuric acid|Sulfuric acid (H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>)]]
===Hardware Detailsdetails===
* Feedback control hot plate
* [[Quick dump rinse]] (QDR)/[[Cascade tank]]
**Solutions which contains toxic materials that cannot be removed by neutralization (such as gold and chromium etch) should not be aspirated or disposed of down the drain.
===Substrate Requirementsrequirements===
* Piece Part to 6 inch wafers
* Open to all approved substrates/materials
** Some materials may require the use of private beakers
===Material Restrictionsrestrictions===
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==Supported Processesprocesses==
There are several processes for this tool supported by the LNF, which are described in more detail on the [[/Acid 73 Processes/]] page.
==Standard Operating Procedureoperating procedure==
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==Checkout Procedureprocedure==
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Checkout on Acid Bench 73 also includes checkout [[Acid Bench 72]], and [[Acid Bench 82]]. Please be prepared for this when you reach steps 5 and 6.
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