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SB-6E Bonder

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|materials =
|mask =
|size =4" with 6" tooling available by request
|chemicals =
|gases =
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<!-- Insert This tool is used to bond 4" and 6" wafers. It is primarily used for Anodic bonding and has superior anodic bond hardware when compared to our other bonders. Other types of bonds are allowed, but a helpdesk ticket should be created and the process discussed with one of the tool description here -->engineers. Anodic power supply polarity is reversible and the top electrode is capable of tack bonding in the center prior to full wafer bonding.
<!--A more general description of what the tool is capable of doing.-->
* Etch RateChamber vacuum below 5.0e-5mbar easily achieved* ResolutionTool force of 30kN * Aspect RatioMax chuck temp of 550 degrees C* Thickness rangeSubstrate stack thicknesses of 500um to 5mm possible. Thinner or thicker with tool engineer approval.
==System overview==


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