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NP12 nanoPREP

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}}{{warning|This page has not been released yet.}}The nP12 is an atmospheric plasma tool that generates a N<sub>2</sub> plasma which scans over the wafer surface. It is used for wafer surface modification, usually [[Plasma_activation|plasma activation ]] prior to [[Wafer_bonding|wafer bonding]]. Plasma activation helps to reduce the necessary bonding temperatures in many materials and enables [[Fusion_bonding|fusion bonding]] of [[Silicon|si]] substrates.
*None at this time.
===Substrate requirements===
* 10 mm pieces up to 300 mm diameter wafers
* Any non restricted substrate materials
* Mounting may be advisable. Discuss with a tool engineer
* Standard wafer thicknesses preferred, but wafer thickness of several mm can be adjusted for
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