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Sputter deposition

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|materials = [[Silver|Ag]], [[Aluminum|Al]], [[Aluminum oxide|Al2O3]], [[Gold|Au]], [[Chromium|Cr]], [[Copper|Cu]], [[Iron|Fe]], [[Germanium|Ge]], [[Nickel|Ni]], [[Platinum|Pt]], [[Silicon dioxide|SiO2]], [[Titanium|Ti]], [[Titanium dioxide|TiO2]], [[Zinc|Zn]]
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[[Wikipedia:Sputter_deposition|Sputter Deposition]] is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) method of thin film deposition in which a high-purity source material (called a cathode or target) is subjected to a gas plasma (typically Ar.) The energetic atoms in this gas plasma collide with the target material and knock off source atoms which then travel to the substrate and condense into a thin film.
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