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Infobox material
Material Details
Material Category {{{category}}}
Material Restriction General
Other Names {{{names}}}
Notable Properties |label1 = property1
|data1 = data1
test |label1 = property1
|data1 = data1


{{Infobox material
|image      =
|caption    = 
|category   = 
|names      =
|properties = {{!}}label1 {{=}} property1<br>{{!}}data1 {{=}} data1

|label1 = property1
|data1 = data1


Copy and paste the infobox above into the desired article and fill in the values after the equals (=) sign. All fields are optional. For questions or examples, please see the discussion page.

Material restriction is assigned automatically, defined on the material page itself.
image Optional image for material
caption Optional caption for image
category Material category (e.g. dielectric, metal, semiconductor)
properties Any notable material properties (optional).
names Other names (aliases) for material.

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