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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment Infobox process
Technology [[{{{technology}}}]]
Material {{{material}}}
Mask Materials {{{mask}}}
Chemicals Used {{{chemicals}}}
Gases Used {{{gases}}}
Date Created {{{created}}}
Date Modified {{{modified}}}
Authored By {{{authors}}}


{{Infobox process
|image      = 
|caption    =
|technology = 
|material   = 
|mask       =
|chemicals  =
|gases      = 
|created    = 
|modified   = 
|authors    = 


Copy and paste the infobox above into the desired article and fill in the values after the equals (=) sign. All fields are optional. For questions or examples, please see the discussion page.

image Optional image related to process <image name.jpg>
caption Optional caption for image
technology Technology for the process. See subcategories of Equipment.
material Material processed (e.g. deposited or etched).
mask Suitable masking materials (if applicable).
chemicals Chemicals used in process (if applicable).
gases Gases used in the process (if applicable).
created Date process was created.
modified Date process was last modified.
authors Staff/user who wrote the process

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