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Infobox technology
Technology Details
Other Names {{{names}}}
Technology [[{{{technology}}}]]
Equipment {{{equipment}}}
Materials {{{materials}}}


{{Infobox equipment
|subheader    =
|image        =
|caption      = 
|names        = 
|technology   =
|equipment    =
|materials    =


Copy and paste the infobox above into the desired article and fill in the values after the equals (=) sign. All fields are optional. For questions or examples, please see the discussion page.

subheader Optional sub-heading for the page (displays under the page name).
image Optional image (e.g. image.jpg).
caption Optional caption for image.
names Other names for the technology.
technology Parent technology of this one.
equipment List of equipment in the technology.
materials Materials processed (optional).

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