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Technology group is...

"Technology groups" are top level technology pages and should provide a brief description of why it is a group and then an overview of technologies within that group.

See Etching and Metrology for examples of technology group pages.


Here is where you describe technologies within the group.

Technology 1

Main article: Technology 1

Describe the technology, particularly including why you might use it over another within the same group.

Technology 2

Main article: Technology 2

Here's another technology in that group.

Figures of merit

What is important to look for in the technology? Etch/dep rate? Resolution?


Subheadings are optional.


How is this technology used in nanofabrication and what types of devices/research areas is it useful in?


Specific equipment for each technology can be found on its page above. Additionally, below is a list of all Technology group equipment in the LNF:

See also

Other related wiki pages


Further reading

  • Other stuff, e.g. technology workshop slides
  • External links (can be in another section below, if appropriate)