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SOP Comments

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Wrightsh (talkcontribs)

Info in the SOP looks great but we should try to use the format of the template that we have that includes the introduction to the operator interface (a screenshot of the software with a couple lines of text describing what the important areas of the program are) and introduction to the tool (maybe a picture of where they load the wafer, or any part that they will be interfacing with).

Tonyes (talkcontribs)

Other than the SOP is not in the standard format, I believe everything else is correct. I have pictures identifying everything a user selects or physically touches while operating the tool. Did you see something that the user could run into that is missing?

Kjvowen (talkcontribs)

Given that this is not strictly part of "wiki phase 1" (and that we've discussed it), I am overlooking this for wiki approval. I'll leave the tag on the SOP section so we remember to bug you about it later when it's time for SOPs.