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May 13, 2019: Releasing 200c Pt and 200c TiO

March 7, 2019 Releasing 200C Al2O3 Ozone


The Veeco Fiji ALD supports up to 5 precursors at a time. Depending on the precursor, each precursor can support Oxides, Nitrides and pure metal films.

Precursors supported:

Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA): Al2O3 (Thermal and Plasma), AlN (Plasma) Diethyl Zinc (DEZ): ZnO (Thermal and Plasma) Tetrakis(dimethylamino)hafnium (TDMAH): HfO2 (Thermal and Plasma) Tetrakis(dimethylamino)titanium(IV) (TDMAT): TiO2 (Thermal and Plasma), TiN (Plasma) (Trimethyl)methylcyclopentadienylplatinum(IV): Pt (Plasma) Bis(diethylamino)silane (BDEAS): SiO2 (thermal and plasma), SiN (plasma)

Each precursor also supports a range of temperatures: some can have a narrow temperature range, some have a wider range of termperatures.

Precursor Configuration and Rotation Schedule

Precursors will be rotated by Staff based on user requests.

Precursors are rotated typically on Mondays. If you need a different precursor, you must do the following:

  • Submit a helpdesk ticket at least 1 day before you need the other material requesting a precursor change.
  • You must have a reservation that coincides with the request.
  • There must be no conflicting reservations already scheduled for this period.

Summary of Supported Films

AlD Film Data (Film Initial Startup Data)


  • Precursor: TMA
  • Availability: Always available on Channel 1
  • Al2O3 Thermal 150C, 200C, 250C, Plasma 150C and 250, Ozone 200C.


  • Precursor: TDMAH
  • Availability: Always available on Channel 2
  • HfO2 Plasma and Thermal recipes exist for 150C, 200C and 250C.


  • Precursor: DEZ
  • Availability: Always available on Channel 3
  • ZnO Plasma and recipes exist for 150C, 200C and 250C.

TiO2 and TiN


  • Precursor: TDMAT
  • Availability: Rotated on Channel 5
  • TiO2 Plasma recipe exists for 250C
  • TiO2 Thermal recipe for 200C


  • Precursor: TDMAT
  • Availability: Rotated on Channel 5
  • TiN Thermal Plasma recipes exist for 250C
  • TiN Plasma 250C:
    • TiN deposits at 0.56A/cycle with a nucleation delay of ~30 cycles.
    • With 25 seconds Nitrogen plasma the sheet resistance is around 100-130 micro-ohm-cm as deposited.
    • To achieve optimal resistance, the sample must cool in the load lock for 45 minutes before venting


  • Precursor: (Trimethyl)methylcyclopentadienylplatinum(IV)
  • Availability: Rotated on Channel 4
  • Pt Plasma recipes exist for 200C.

  • Pt 200C:
    • Released to Users May 13, 2019
    • Precursor Consumption: ~ 2.9mg/pulse
    • Precious Metals cost: Because of the expense of the precursor and the number of nucleation delay cycles needed to just start the process there will be an additional surcharge. All the fees are laid out on the LNF Online Scheduler under Help -> User Fees. Look at your applicable level under the "Current User Fees" box.
    • Resistivity of about 46 micro-ohm-cm.


  • Precursor: TMA
  • Availability: Always available on Channel 1
  • AlN Plasma 250C
  • Under Development


  • Precursor: BDEAS
  • Availability: Rotated on Channel 5
  • Under Development


Characterization is conducted annually and periodically during the life of the precursor on supported recipes.