Xactix XeF2

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Xactix XeF2
XeF2 etching tool
Equipment Details
Technology Etching
Materials Restriction Semi-Clean
Material Processed Si, Mo and Ge
Mask Materials Pr
Sample Size Pieces to 150 mm
Gases Used XeF2
Equipment Manual
Overview Overview
Operating Procedure SOP
Supported Processes Supported Processes
Maintenance Maintenance

The Xactix Xetch X.3.B is a xenon difluoride etching tool that will etch silicon, molybdenum, and germanium isotropically. XeF2 is a solid at atmosphere but will sublimate at vacuum. The tool uses two expansion chambers to alternatively sublimate the XeF2 and release it into the etch chamber. The etch rate is highly dependent on the chamber's loading. A wafer with only a thin trench exposed will etch very fast where as a blanket 100 mm Si wafer may etch as slow as 800 Å/cycle. Wafers are manually loaded directly into the chamber, and the tool can accommodate pieces up to 150 mm wafers.


System Overview

Hardware Details

  • Gases
    • XeF2
    • N2
  • Pressure
    • 0 - 6 Torr XeF2
    • 0 - 20 Torr N2

Substrate Requirements

  • Pieces to 150 mm
  • No mounting required

Material Restrictions

The Xactix XeF2 is designated as a Semi-Clean class tool. Below is a list of approved materials for the tool. Approved means the material is allowed in the tool under normal circumstances. If a material is not listed, please create a helpdesk ticket or email info@lnf.umich.edu for any material requests or questions.

Supported Processes

A table of etch rates for the standard process can be seen below, these were all run with 20 second cycle times and 3 Torr XeF2 pressure. More process information for this tool can be found on it's supported processes

Material Size % Open Area Etch Rate (Å/cycle)
Si 100 mm 100% 800
Si 1 cm2 100% 10,000
SPR 220 100 mm 100% < 5

Standard Operating Procedure

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Checkout Procedure

  1. Read through the User Manual above.
  2. Complete the SOP quiz here.
  3. Complete the process request form.
  4. Create a helpdesk ticket requesting a checkout session.
  5. Authorization will be provided pending successful completion of the quiz and demonstration of proper tool use in the presence of a tool engineer.


Every other week the chambers leak rate is checked along with the XeF2 usage.

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