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Az 12XT is a chemical enhanced positive tone photo resist (PR). Being a chemical enhanced PR the exposure creates a latent image and a week acid in the PR. The chemical reaction that makes the PR soluble in developer happens during the post exposure bake (PEB). This makes the length and temperature of the PEB extremely important.


  • CEE 100CB photoresist spinner

Storage Locations

  • Solvent Bunker



What makes up this chemical


What are properties of this chemical


  • There are currently no processes defined that use this chemical.

Process SOPs

  • There are currently no process SOPs defined for this chemical.

Hazardous Waste

How is this chemical disposed of or collected

Technical Data Sheet

  • There are currently no data sheets for this chemical.

Safety Data Sheet

  • There are currently no Safety Data Sheets (SDSes) for this chemical.


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