BSL 2 Bio-Room

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BSL 2 Bio-Room
Bio Safety Cabinet II
Equipment Details
Technology Bio MEMS?
Materials Restriction Undefined
Material Processed bio entities, chemicals, and materials allowed must be compatible with the BSL II designation
Equipment Manual
Overview System Overview
Operating Procedure [1]
Supported Processes Supported Processes
User Processes User Processes
Maintenance Maintenance

The Bio Safety 2 room is a controlled space laboratory that has Bio Safety II qualifications as well as low particle count. The BSL2 Bio-room houses a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, an Incubator, centrifuge, etc., commonly used equipment in Biological research. Users in this laboratory also have access to a -80C bio-freezer and a top down Fluorescent microscope with DIC capabilities and programmable stage (Olympus BX51).


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The BSL 2 room is equipped with many pieces of standard biological research equipment, including:

  • Biosafety cabinet.
  • CO2 incubator
  • Sink and eyewash station
  • Purple nitrile gloves
  • Micropipettes

System overview

Hardware details

The BSL 2 room is maintained by LNF Staff. The room and the equipment inside are cleaned during the lab clean. This cleaning consists of vacuuming, mopping the floor with 1 % Bleach solution, emptying garbage and wiping surfaces with 10% IPA wet pads. Staff will not touch equipment that contains users samples. During the time the room is under reservation by a user, he/she is responsible for the equipment’s cleanliness.

LNF supplies gloves, basic chemicals (ethanol, methanol), glass slides, glass pipettes, plastic pipettes, beakers, and micropipettes.

All consumables, which are specific to the user, such as broth, pipette tips, syringes, Eppendorf tubes, and sample containers must be provided by the user.

Substrate requirements

  • Wafer Size
  • Wafer type
  • Any mounting?
  • Wafer thickness

Material restrictions

The BSL 2 Bio-Room is designated as a Undefined class tool. Below is a list of approved materials for the tool. Approved means the material is allowed in the tool under normal circumstances. If a material is not listed, please create a helpdesk ticket or email for any material requests or questions.

Supported processes

This space is available for many different processes. You will need to sumbit an SOP to LNF staff for approval.

Standard operating procedure

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Checkout procedure

  1. Read through this page and the Standard Operating Procedure above.
  2. Create a Helpdesk Ticket requesting authorization.
  3. Complete BSL-related safety training modules EHS_BLS301w_TAB and EHS_BSL100w_TAB in MyLinc and send certificates to
  4. Provide LNF Staff with an SOP for the work you will be performing in the BSL 2 room, including a list of specimens and reagents.
  5. Provide LNF Staff with Pathogen Safety Data Sheets if working with infectious agents in the BSL 2 room.
  6. Provide LNF Staff with Safety Data Sheets (SDSes) for reagents to be used in the BSL 2 room.
  7. Complete EHS_BLS301w (Biosafety Training BSL-2) in MyLinc and send LNF Staff a copy of your certification.
  8. Complete EHS_BLS100w (Bloodborne Pathogen Training for Research Labs) in MyLinc and send LNF Staff a copy of your certification.
  9. Complete other modules in MyLinc required specifically for your biological samples and send LNF Staff a copy of your certification.
  10. Consult with LNF Staff to have your SOP and work authorized for use in the BSL 2 room.


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