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Everyone should have a badge that meets the following criteria. If you do not please contact LNF staff at to obtain one.  If you do not have a badge you will be asked to leave the lab and obtain one.

Reason for Policy

  • To help identify everyone in the lab and facilitate communication between users in the lab.


  • Everyone in the lab will have a name badge.
  • The information on the badge will be easy to read.
  • The badge will have the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Group Associated with
    • Month/Year of first entry to the LNF
  • Badge Colors are determined by last names as follows
    • Blue - A-D
    • Black - E-K (updated October 2022)
    • Red - L-M (updated October 2022)
    • White - N-S
    • Green - T-Z
    • Orange - Staff
    • Yellow - Temporary
  • You should have two badges (one for wearing in the lab and one to stay on your gowning room bag / storage compartment while you are in the lab).
  • All gowning bags (cleanroom) and storage niche (ROBIN) with garments in them must have a badge attached to the bag or coat hanger or storage niche.
  • If you do not have a badge or need a new one, you may request a new one by creating a general Helpdesk ticket or stopping by the LNF store. In the meantime, please use a temporary bade (yellow holder and complete the template cards found in the lower-right storage bin).
  • Badges are purged on the same cycle as private chemicals and files on the server (January, May and September).