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Last fall (2012) we have updated everyone's cleanroom name badge.  Everyone should have a badge that meets the following criteria. If you do not please contact Nadine Wang or Katharine Beach at [1] to obtain one.  If you do not have a badge you will be asked to leave the cleanroom and obtain one.

Reason for Policy

  • To help identify everyone in the cleanroom.


  • Everyone in the cleanroom will have a name badge.
  • The information on the badge will be easy to read.
  • The badge will have the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Group Associated with
    • Year of first entry to the clean room
  • Badge Colors are determined by last names as follows
    • Blue - A-D
    • Black - E-J
    • Red - K-M
    • White - N-S
    • Green - T-Z
    • Orange - Staff
    • Yellow - Temporary
  • You may have multiple badges (one for wearing in the cleanroom and one to stay on your gowning room bag while you are in the cleanroom) but only one can be kept in the gowning room.
  • All gowning bags with suits in them must have a badge.
  • If two badges are found in the gowning room during Thursday's lab clean (8:30-9:30am) one of them will be removed.
  • If you do not have a badge, need a new one, or want a second one you may request a new one from [2] or stop by Nadine Wang's (1246C) or Katharine Beach's (1241) office. We are working to improve access to badge making. Check this page for updates.