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This page captures updates related to the LNF operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6/3/2020 Steps needed to reactivate your LNF access once you are cleared to conduct research on campus:
First, please remember that access is restricted to users who can work independently (have all the needed tool authroizations) and - since onsite staff presence is limited - have after-hours access to the LNF. If you do not yet have after-hours access, you can first complete the steps listed on the corresponding wiki page Requesting_After_Hours_Access.

  1. Complete the MyLinc COVID-19 training. Please send a copy of the MyLinc certificate to
  2. Review the LNF protocols wiki page
  3. Take the LNF protocols quiz. 100% score is required, please retake the quiz if needed.
  4. Submit your LNF access reactivation request form

5/29/2020 Material from the Friday 5/29 talk on Operations ramp up:

5/17/2020: Following Governor Whitmer's executive order from 5/15 and University directives (see the 5/16 email from Rebecca Cunningham, U-M vice president for research for more details), the LNF is proceeding with the first phase of ramping up. Note that access will initially be extremely limited. Further details will be provided very soon.
Here is a dedicated page with new protocols as they pertain to the current sitution: COVID-19 Protocols

5/11/2020: The LNF is still closed and we do not yet have a specific timeline established for ramping up, but we are actively planning for the reopening phases and needed protocols.
While requirements and guidelines from the State of Michigan and the University of Michigan are still forthcoming, we expect that the research ramp up will be very gradual. During the initial stages of re-opening, only laboratory users who are fully qualified will be allowed in the LNF. We are also considering access limitations and social distancing measures required to keep everybody safe, and to comply with State/University rules.

For further reference, please visit the U-M Office of Research (UMOR) dedicated page on research re-engagement

3/20/2020: The LNF is closed. Updates will be posted here as the situation evolves. Stay healthy everybody.

For more updates, please see the following dedicated pages (updated 4/15/2020)
University of Michigan
U-M College of Engineering
U-M Research Operations page
U-M EHS page
General information and updates about COVID-19, please refer to the CDC

3/18/20 6pm: Considering the escalating COVID-19 situation and following the directions from the University, we are closing the LNF this Friday March 20th.
Depending on hardware details, some equipment will need to be taken offline at noon, others will stay available until 3pm. Please check the scheduler for up to date status. All lab users need to complete their processing by 3pm.
Considering this, the lab will be open tomorrow morning during the normal lab clean time (8:30-9:30am).
Note that access to the building is by MCard only at this point.

3/18/2020: Parking enforcement on north campus is suspended.

  • We are implementing plans to minimize LNF onsite staffing while continuing to support our user community to the best of our abilities. We will have two groups of staff that will be onsite on alternate days (details will be on the staff calendar). On days that staff are working from home, they will be available via Helpdesk ticket, email, phone etc. The split has been developed to minimize disruption with tasks coverage and to avoid having staff sharing offices or nearby desks being onsite on the same days.
  • No more than 2 people should be in the cleanroom gowning area at the same time. Please wait a few minutes if there are already people there when you are about to enter the gowning room.
  • Please do not travel to Ann Arbor if you are not local (Southeast Michigan) and we recommend against new users starting in the LNF at this time. If this causes an issue for your group/project, please let us know so that we can find alternative solutions.
  • Following recommendations from the U-M Office of Research (, we are suggesting that you consider postponing elective activities or experiments that are not time-sensitive. It would also be wise to be prepared for a reduction in operations, and to consider what steps you would follow if your LNF work had to be placed on hold with short notice.

3/12/2020: the LNF operates normally. We have increased cleaning procedures for the areas outside of the cleanroom (shared spaces where people do not wear gloves) and are updating some of our gowning protocols as described below .

  • Additional Cleaning:

Wipes are provided in shared areas (conference room, CAD room, corridor leading to ROBIN).
Daily cleaning has been added in these areas including keyboards, mice, counter spaces, door handles, light switches, chair armrests. Please wipe down face shields before using them at all acid/base benches.

  • Cleanroom Gowning Protocol Updates:

Wash hands before coming to cleanroom entrance
Immediately after entering gowning room, first put a pair of gloves then proceed with the rest of gowning steps
Wipe safety glasses before donning them
Put second pair of gloves when entering the cleanroom
When exiting the cleanroom, put booties in the trash. Do not reuse them.

  • New Cleanroom Garment Bags Protocol:

Bags will no longer be reused from one user to the next.
Starting immediately, please obtain a second name tag and leave it on your bag at all times to prevent multiple users of the same bag.
Once we have sufficient stocks, garment bags will be removed weekly and sent to laundry at the same time as suits.

  • ROBIN Gowning Protocol Updates:

Face masks are recommended if multiple people are working together in close proximity
Immediately after entering the ROBIN gowning area, first put a pair of gloves then proceed with the rest of gowning steps
Wipe safety glasses before donning them
Put second pair of gloves before starting to process

  • New ROBIN Lab Coat Storage:

Niche spaces will no longer used for multiple lab coats or from one user to the next
Niches will be wiped down by LNF staff everytime they are emptied for laundry
When users are de-gowning, they should first wipe down inside of niche before placing lab coat inside
Never put multiple lab coats in single niche