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Coherency refers to an article providing logical, understandable and usable knowledge to the reader. In order to be coherent,

1 the article shall treat one topic, or many topics that are logically related to each other, otherwise the article is fragmented
2 if many topics are treated, then there shall be text that relate each topic to each other, otherwise the article is fragmented
3 the language shall be as easy and straightforward as possible, not making outright deviations from the topic before reaching an explanation, and otherwise the language is messy
4 the terms should be as common, as unambiguous and as comprehensible as possible, the terms used mustn't contradict each other, otherwise the language contains too much jargon
5 the article layout shall follow the conventional article order in Wikipedia, because that is the general "layout" of all human communications,
6 and the article shall neatly integrate, (not contradict, not overlap), into the larger dataset called the LNF wiki. coherency on a larger scale

Coherency is not about truth and verification, there are other templates for this. Coherency is about understandability and logic. If there is neither too much nor too little information, and the explanation is simple and clear instead of overflowing with irrelevant details, then the article is coherent!

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