E-Beam Spinner/Hot-Plate Bench 21

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E-Beam Spinner Hot-Plate Bench 21
Equipment Details
Technology Wet chemical processing
Materials Restriction Metals
Material Processed PMMA, ZEP, HSQ, E-Spacer, aquaSAVE
Sample Size 10 mm X 10 mm piece parts to 4" wafers
Equipment Manual
Overview System Overview
Operating Procedure SOP
Supported Processes Supported Processes
User Processes User Processes
Maintenance Maintenance

The E-Beam Spinner Hot-Plate Bench 21 is a fully programmable, manual dispense, e-beam resist spinner located in 1480A. It can accept 10 mm X 10 mm pieces to 4" wafers.


  • The E-Beam Spinner/Hot-Plate Bench 21 is online


Available e-beam resists: PMMA, ZEP

For all other resists, please contact staff to request approval

System overview

Hardware details

  • Up to 6K rpm spin rates
  • Hot plate preset at 180°C
  • Photoresist is dispensed manually

Substrate requirements

  • 10 mm x 10 mm pieces up to 4" wafers
  • No substrate material requirements
  • Available Chucks
    • 4" Chuck (Ø 2.25")
    • Large Piece Chuck (Ø 0.75")
    • Small Piece Chuck (Ø 0.25" - chuck ; Ø 0.375" - O-ring)

Material restrictions

Approved resists

  1. PMMA
  2. ZEP
  3. HSQ
Water soluble conductive polymers such as E-Spacer and aquaSAVE can be used at this bench

Supported processes

Listed below are the Film Thicknesses vs spin Speed for commonly used e-beam resists at LNF

Thickness v Spin Speed e-beam resists.png

Standard operating procedure

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Checkout procedure

  1. Read through this page and the Standard Operating Procedure above.
  2. Create a Helpdesk Ticket requesting training.
  3. A tool engineer will schedule a time for training and checkout.


Once a week during lab clean the E-Beam Spinner/Hot-Plate Bench 21 is cleaned and the spinner bowl liner is checked/ replaced if necessary