E-Beam Spinner/Hot-Plate Bench 21

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E-Beam Spinner Hot-Plate Bench 21
Equipment Details
Technology Wet chemical processing
Materials Restriction Metals
Material Processed PMMA, ZEP, HSQ, E-Spacer, aquaSAVE
Sample Size 10 mm X 10 mm piece parts to 4" wafers
Equipment Manual
Overview System Overview
Operating Procedure SOP
Supported Processes Supported Processes
User Processes User Processes
Maintenance Maintenance

The E-Beam Spinner Hot-Plate Bench 21 is a fully programmable, manual dispense, e-beam resist spinner located in 1480A. It can accept 10 mm X 10 mm pieces to 4" wafers.


Available e-beam resists: PMMA, ZEP

For all other resists, please see the Private Chemical Policy

System overview

Hardware details

  • Up to 6K rpm spin rates
  • Hot plate preset at 180°C
  • Photoresist is dispensed manually

Substrate requirements

  • 10 mm x 10 mm pieces up to 4" wafers
  • No substrate material requirements
  • Available Chucks
    • 4" Chuck (Ø 2.25")
    • Large Piece Chuck (Ø 0.75")
    • Small Piece Chuck (Ø 0.25" - chuck ; Ø 0.375" - O-ring)

Material restrictions

Approved resists

  1. PMMA
  2. ZEP
  3. HSQ
Water soluble conductive polymers such as E-Spacer and aquaSAVE can be used at this bench

Supported processes

Listed below are the Film Thicknesses vs spin Speed for commonly used e-beam resists at LNF

Thickness v Spin Speed e-beam resists.png

Standard operating procedure

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Checkout procedure

  1. Read through this page and the Standard Operating Procedure above.
  2. Practice with your mentor or another authorized user until you are comfortable with tool operation.
    1. If your mentor is not an authorized user or you do not know of an authorized user that can train you, proceed to the next step.
  3. Score 100% on this quiz: Cleanroom Solvent Bench quiz.
  4. Open a helpdesk ticket and request a checkout.
  5. A tool engineer will schedule a time for training and checkout.


Once a week during lab clean the E-Beam Spinner/Hot-Plate Bench 21 is cleaned and the spinner bowl liner is checked/ replaced if necessary