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Maximum force

Bonding processes are characterized by a required pressure (force per area) in order to achieve bonding. The tool recipe specifies a force (in Newtons). This value should be scaled depending on the sample size to achieve the desired pressure. In addition, there is a maximum pressure that may be applied without damaging the equipment, which is dependent on the tooling material and whether the temperature is constant or varying while applying force.

The force value in the recipe should NEVER exceed the maximum force/pressure for the tool conditions. Users will be responsible for any damage caused to equipment if these guidelines are not followed.

The maximum pressure for the tooling available is shown in the following table. To calculate the force (in N), multiply the pressure (in MPa) by the sample area (in mm2).

Pressure Disk Material Pressure (MPa)
Steady state While heating
Ti 3.8 0.5
Quartz 0.6 0.2

Several common sample sizes are shown below. Note that small pieces cannot be run in this tool, because they are below the minimum pressure that the tool can apply (500 N).

Pressure Disk Material Force (kN)
150 mm wafer 100 mm wafer 50 mm wafer 10x10 mm piece
Steady state While heating Steady state While heating Steady state While heating Steady state While heating
Ti 60 8 30 4 7.5 1 N/A N/A
Quartz 10 5 5 2 1.25 0.5 N/A N/A