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General Wet Bench is an online orientation training session on LNF Cleanroom Wet Benches. The session will cover bench safety, bench, and labware labeling policies, what benches and processes are available, and which types of materials are allowed at different benches.

The training will be as follows:

  1. Attend a virtual General Wet Bench Training session:
  2. Take and pass the online quiz AFTER attending the training session.
  3. Bench level training with mentor or staff
  4. Bench Level Checkout with staff
  5. Take and pass online bench level quiz


AFTER completing the training session, please fill out this quiz. This is the same quiz that is linked at the end of the RISE training.

Bench Level Training

After you have passed the General Cleanroom Wet Bench quiz please open a help desk ticket on the bench you need for bench level training/checkout. If you are requesting checkout we expect you to have worked with your mentor and be ready to perform your process. The following quizzes are linked, however you should be checked out on individual benches.


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