June 2016 water damage

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This page has been created to consolidate updates following the June 4th flood that occurred in EECS 1480 (new cleanroom space). Note that ROBIN and EECS 1440 (older part of the cleanroom) were not affected.

As of 6/4/16, all equipment in 1480 EECS is off-line and there is no user access to that area of the lab.

Facility status

No access to EECS 1480 (newer part of cleanroom)

Equipment status

Equipment Status Comments
Furnaces stacks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Off-line
P5000 PECVD Off-line
Lab 18-1 Lab 18-2 Off-line [alternative Labs]
AlN sputtering tool Off-line
PDS 2035 Off-line
AFM Off-line
SEM Off-line
Pegasus 4 and 6 Off-line
STS glass etcher Off-line
P5000 RIE Off-line
JEOL e-beam lithography Off-line
YES plasma stripper Off-line
Pre furnace clean bench Off-line
Acid 02 bench Off-line
Acid 12 bench Off-line See alternative below
Mask 13 bench Off-line See alternative below
Solvent 14 bench Off-line See alternative below
EB spinner 21 bench Off-line
EB solvent 22 bench Off-line
Acid 23 bench Off-line

Alternative solutions and back up

Wafer mounting station

Wet benches (Acid 12, Mask 13, and Solvent 14)

Tanks were added in Acid 72 for:

  • Cr Etch
  • Gold Etch
  • Nanostrip
  • BHF

These should be used instead of Acid 12 and Mask 13.

Solvent 84 should be used instead of Solvent 14. This bench should accommodate most of the processing.