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LNF_Poly is designed for etching si and polysilicon in the LAM 9400. This recipe is currently under development and will replace poly_etch_2 as it does not have the same stability problems.

About this Process
Process Details
Equipment LAM 9400
Technology RIE
Material Poly
Mask Materials PR
Gases Used HBr, He
Date Created 2016



Parameter Breakthrough Main Etch
Time 10 sec variable
5 mTorr 30 mTorr
TCP Power 300 W 600 W
Bias Power 100 W 90 W
Cl2 Flow 60 sccm 0 sccm
HBr Flow 0 sccm 100 sccm
He Flow 0 sccm 100 sccm


Etch Rate

Mask Selectivity

Sidewall Profile