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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment LAM 9400
Technology RIE
Material Titanium
Mask Materials PR
Gases Used SF6, C4F8, Ar
Date Created June 2018

This recipe is for etching very thin layers of Ti (10-20nm) with a PMMA mask.

Etch Rates

These were in a 90-180 sec long etch on 1cm pieces with a 6" SiO2 carrier.

  • Titanium - 6.9 nm/min
  • PMMA - 9-11 nm/min
  • SPR 220 - 9 nm/min
  • SiO2 - 4.7 nm/min


Parameter Main Etch
Pressure 30 mTorr
TCP Power 200 W
Bias Power 30 W
SF6 Flow 5 sccm
C4F8 Flow 45 sccm
Ar Flow 45 sccm