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This page describes the role and composition of the LNF council.

LNF Council Role

From the LNF Council Bylaws, dated 10 November 2016:
Mission of the LNF: The Robert H. Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF) is a laboratory operated by the College of Engineering as a resource in all aspects of micro/nano fabrication, including materials growth, microstructure formation, device processing, and circuit development. The mission of the LNF is to provide effective, efficient, safe, and socially responsible access to advanced nanofabrication equipment and expertise thereby promoting, enabling, and encouraging cutting-edge education, research and business development from materials and individual process steps to entire systems.
Responsibilities of the Council: The LNF Council shall assist the Director with strategic planning for the LNF, guiding the selection of important high-impact research areas, identifying and promoting major research initiatives, developing related fabrication capabilities, and establishing policies, including lab safety, which will enhance laboratory use by the University and by industry. The LNF Council will provide guidance and recommendations concerning operations and finances, while recognizing the autonomy of the LNF Director and Managing Director in their oversight of the day-to-day management of the LNF and implementation of policies and priorities.
The LNF Council shall inform the Associate Dean for Research (ADR) on LNF research and educational activities, and advise the ADR on LNF fee structures, financial support including equipment purchase and maintenance, research proposal opportunities, safety protocols and enforcement, and policy development and implementation.”

LNF Council Membership

The LNF Council consists of at least six members, typically faculty users of the LNF from a variety of departments, plus the LNF Director and LNF Managing Director. Council members serve for three-year terms. In recognition of the special relationship between the LNF and the EECS Department, the ECE Chair or his/her designate serves as an ex oficio member of the Council. The Council typically meets at least twice per semester. Faculty interested in serving on the LNF Council should contact the LNF Director, the College of Engineering Associate Dean for Research, or the College of Engineering Dean.
The current LNF Council consists of

  • Terms expiring May 30, 2023: Prof. Cindy Chestek (BME) and Prof. Neil Dasgupta (ME)
  • Terms expiring May 30, 2024: Prof. Parag Deotare (EECS) and Prof. Andrej Lenert (Chem E)
  • Terms expiring May 30, 2025: Prof. Zetian Mi (EECS), Prof. Euisik Yoon (EECS), Prof. John Heron (MSE), Prof. Steve Cundiff (Physics), Prof. Ya Sha Yi (ECE Dearborn) and Prof. Xiaogan Liang (ME)
  • Permanent members: Prof. Becky Peterson, LNF Director, Dr. Sandrine Martin, LNF Managing Director, and Prof. Mingyan Liu, ECE Chair.

Feedback and/or questions about LNF operation are always encouraged. The LNF council is an important point of contact for independent discussions. You can contact them at LNF-council@umich.edu (please note that this email address does not include the LNF director or managing director, whose emails are blpeters@umich.edu and sandrine@umich.edu, respectively.