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Second place: Tal Nagourney<br />
Second place: Tal Nagourney<br />
Third place:  Mina Zeinali<br /><br /><br />
Third place:  Mina Zeinali<br /><br /><br />

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About the Contest

This contest was the brainchild of the LNF User Committee in 2016.

The prizes are as follows: First prize: $100 Second prize: $75 Third prize: $50

You can submit an image through LNF Online Services: https://ssel-sched.eecs.umich.edu/sselonline.


  • It is restricted to photograph, SEM, AFM or other microscope images taken in the LNF or of a structure created, at least partially, in the LNF.
  • Any LNF user may submit one entry (no montages)
  • Picture must be accompanied by a description (250 character max)
  • Pictures are property of the LNF and will be used to promote the work done at LNF
  • Images may be publicly distributed and should not show research not ready for display
  • Submissions are done via online services

Past Winners

First place: Tal Nagourney
Second place: Kevin Golovin
Third place: Komal Kampasi
First place: Ashley Bieleinsky
Second place: Tal Nagourney
Third place: Mina Zeinali