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About the Contest

This contest was conceived and organized by the LNF User Committee, with the support from the LNF and the Graduate Community grant from the U-M College of Engineering Graduate Office. The LNF User Committee is a group of LNF lab users who advise and give feedback to the LNF staff from a student/lab user perspective, and to work on ways to improve the lab, promote student camaraderie, stimulate professional interaction among students, and improve the lab community and environment for LNF users..

The prizes are as follows:
First prize: $100
Second prize: $75
Third prize: $50

This year [ArtsEngine] will grant $100 for the "ArtsEngine Honorary Award" to the entry that demonstrates a mastery of subject matter and artistic impression.

You can submit an image through LNF Online Services: https://ssel-sched.eecs.umich.edu/sselonline.


  • Submit any photograph, SEM, AFM or other microscope images taken in the LNF or image of a structure created, at least partially, in the LNF.
  • Any LNF user may submit one entry
  • Images may be publicly distributed and should not show confidential research or material not ready for display. They may be used in promotional material.
  • Submissions are done via the LNF Online Services
  • Title the image, use a name that relates to what you see in the photos-show your creativity (i.e. "Sunrise in LNF"). In addition, include a technical description (250 character max)

Instructions for Submission

  • You may upload one image only. To replace an image you must delete it and then upload anew one. Note: you can combine multiple images into one collage.
  • The following file types are allowed: .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg.
  • The maximum file size is 30 MB. If possible a minimum of 300 dpi (1800x2700 pixel) and landscape format
  • Descriptions and photos should not contain any personal information, such as your name.
  • There is a 250 character limit for descriptions. Any text beyond this will be truncated

Past Winners

  • 2018 Photo Contest Winners

Fist place: Kanghwan Kim
Second place: Yuanpeng Wu
Third place: Dongxiao Yang

2017 Photo Contest Winners
  • 2017 Photo Contest Winners

First place: Ashley Bielinski
Second place: Tal Nagourney
Third place: Mina Zeinali

2017 Photo Contest Winners

  • 2016 Photo Contest Winners

First place: Tal Nagourney
Second place: Kevin Golovin
Third place: Komal Kampasi

2016 Photo Contest Winners