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==Tool Access Accounts==
==Tool Access Accounts==
===User Access===
The standard access provides access to:
*Supported processes
*Ability to modify deposition times on standard processes At LNF characterized rates.
<!--should link to Sputtering Standard processes-->
===Technician Access===
*User level maintenance access and can run variable parameter or VP Recipes
**Reset Motor errors
**Tool reset from Recipe abort
**VP Recipes
*These sections are
===Superuser Access===
===Superuser Access===

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The Lab 18's have two access categories, user and superuser. User level access allows access to the standard recipes where as superuser access allows users to change targets, run variable parameter recipe and create private recipes.


Tool reservations can be made using the LNF Scheduler

Tool Access Accounts

Superuser Access

Superuser Access is available for users who are interested in gaining a better understanding of how sputter deposition works to enhance recipes, or to obtain specific film characteristics.

Superuser access provides access to:

  • Target change
  • Modify and run VP (variable parameter) recipes
  • Create and support private recipes
  • Support and train colleagues
  • Custom film development
    • Reactive sputtering
    • Heated recipes (up to 350°C)
    • Co-Sputtered films
    • Applied bias voltages

Superuser Access


All training and checkout should be managed via the LNF helpdesk.

User Training

To gain access to the Lab 18's read and follow this checkout procedure:

  1. Read the tool SOP on the tool page.
  2. Pass the User Training Quiz
  3. Complete user tool training
    1. Create a Helpdesk ticket to schedule a time
    2. Or receive training from another Lab 18 user
  4. Complete user tool checkout
  5. Create a Help Desk Ticket to schedule a time

Technician Access

  1. Read the tool SOP on the tool page.
  2. Pass the Technician Training Quiz
  3. Create a Help Desk Ticket to request your results.

Superuser Access

Please create a helpdesk ticket if you would like to be trained as a superuser.