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Program Overview

The Lab 18 Superuser Program is in place to support sputter development beyond the standard supported films the LNF has posted at the tool. There is an additional training session meant to equip users with a better understanding on the inner working of the Sputtering process in the Lab 18's.

Supported Processes

  • Target Change

Superusers have the ability to change the targets in the tool on designated days.

Private Recipe Development

  • Target Change
  • Variable Parameter Recipes (VP)
  • Heated Recipes (up to 500C)
  • Reactive Sputtering
  • Substrate Bias
  • Private Film Development
    • Non Supported Materials
    • Co-Sputtering
  • Support and Train Colleagues


  • Target Change
  • Private Film Development
  • Support and Train Colleagues


Access and Training

Tool reservations can be made using the LNF Scheduler

Super User Training

In order to gain "superuser" access to the Lab 18's, you must complete the following:

  • Read all Super User Training Material
  • Pass the Super User Training Quiz
  • Complete super user tool training
    • Option 1)Create a Help Desk Ticket to schedule a time
    • Option 2)Receive training from another Lab 18 super user
  • Complete super user tool checkout with LNF Staff
    • Create a Help Desk Ticket to schedule a time

Superuser Documents


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