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This is a brief, group overview training session on lithography processing to inform users of the process steps involved and tools and techniques available. The training session is required for certain tool checkouts, including the CEE 100CB photoresist spinner, CEE Developer 1, CEE Developer 2, CEE 200X photoresist spinner 1, CEE 200X photoresist spinner 2, and the Image Reversal Oven. You only need to take this training session once along with completing the other requirements listed in checkout sections their respective wiki pages for access to these tools. This training is best taken after you have had some exposure to the lithographic process. This can be at another facility, through a class you have taken, or in learning to process with your mentor.


Please fill out the following form to request training, and a staff member will get back to you with a scheduled time. This is a group training session so please indicate all times that you are available.

Lithography Training Session Signup


After completing the training session, please complete this quiz.

Lithography Quiz


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