Lithography training session

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Covid 19 update. This training is changing. Stay tuned. Links to the new online training will be provided soon.

This is a an overview training on lithography processing. The goal is to inform users of the process steps involved, tools, and techniques available at the LNF. The training is required for Lithography tool checkouts. These include the CEE 100CB photoresist spinner, CEE Developer 1, CEE Developer 2, CEE 200X photoresist spinner 1, CEE 200X photoresist spinner 2, Image Reversal Oven, GCA AS200 AutoStep, MA/BA-6 Mask/Bond Aligner, MA6 Mask Aligner, MJB3-2, MJB 45S. You only need to take this training session once along with completing the other requirements listed in checkout sections their respective wiki pages for access to these tools.

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