Low pressure chemical vapor deposition

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Low-pressure CVD (LPCVD) – CVD at sub-atmospheric pressures. Reduced pressures tend to reduce unwanted gas-phase reactions and improve film uniformity across the wafer.

Process Description

Two gases react over the surface of the substrate, depositing oxide at a controlled constant rate at high temperature (lower temperature than Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Diffusion furnace). The wafer is exposed to volatile precursors that react with or decompose the substrate surface to produce the deposited layer. Frequently, volatile products are produced in the reaction, and gas is flowed through the chamber to remove these products. Deposition rates of 30-60 Angstroms/minute. Oxide is not as high quality as diffusion furnace oxide.

Sx Ty refers to tube y in Tempress furnace stack x. Stacks 1-5 are located in 1480C, stack 6 is located in 1440B.