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Nickel (Ni) is an element with the atomic number 28. It is silvery-white and lustrous in appearance with a slightly golden tinge. Nickel is a transition metal and is a very hard and ductile material.



Process technologies that can be used to deposit/pattern this material.

Deposition Equipment

Etching Equipment

Characterization Equipment

  • Metrology/Characterization equipment available in the LNF for measuring physical, optical, and surface properties of this material.


  • Discuss common uses/applications for this material. Why this materials is used in the LNF?


Deposition Processes

Etching Processes

Characterization Processes

  • List of techniques for metrology/characterization can be used with this material and relevant process information specific to this material associated with this equipment/type of process.

Other Relevant Material Information

Technical Data

  • Charts or specific LNF related data for this material.