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Optical microscopy is...

"Technology groups" are top level technology pages and should provide a brief description of why it is a group and then an overview of technologies within that group.

See Etching and Metrology for examples of technology group pages.


Here is where you describe technologies within the group.

Fluorescent Microscopy

Describe the technology, particularly including why you might use it over another within the same group.

Technology 2

Main article: Technology 2

Here's another technology in that group.

Figures of Merit

What is important to look for in the technology? Etch/dep rate? Resolution?


Subheadings are optional.


How is this technology used in nanofabrication and what types of devices/research areas is it useful in?


Specific equipment for each technology can be found on its page above. Additionally, below is a list of all metrology equipment in the LNF:

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Further reading

  • Other stuff, e.g. technology workshop slides
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