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Optical microscopy is...

In order to image and measure objects in the micron range it is necessary the use of a microscope. Microscope technology has advanced tremendously with the


Optical microscopy
Technology Details
Other Names Epi-fluorescense
Technology Optical Microscopy
Equipment Olympus BX51, Nikon Eclipse LV150, Nikon MM-40, Nikon AZ100 Multi zoom,
Materials wafers, devices, cells, materials,



Optical Microscopy

The details of optical microscopy can be found in the well known work by Davidson and Abramowitz[1] as well as in Olympus[2] and Nikon Microscopy U[3].

The basics parts of a Microscope are illustrated in the figure below:

Fluorescent Microscopy

Describe the technology, particularly including why you might use it over another within the same group.

Infrared Microscopy

Main article: Infrared microscopy

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Figures of Merit

  • Magnification
  • Sharpness
  • Numerical Aperture
  • Contrast
  • light source


How is this technology used in nanofabrication and what types of devices/research areas is it useful in?


Specific equipment for each technology can be found on its page above. Additionally, below is a list of all metrology equipment in the LNF:

Olympus BX 51 Fluorescent Microscope
Olympus IR Microscope

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