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DMS XXXX is used in soft lithography. To prepare it you mix the two components in Sylgard 184,

the procedure is as follows

  • It is recommended to mix the amount necessary to obtain a PDMS mold of a desired thickness. This thickness will depend on the use of the mold
  • Weigh the two amounts of materials in a ratio 10:1 w/w
  • Stir until thoroughly mix
  • Stirring produce bubbles - remove the bubbles before pouring onto the mold
  • Place the SU-8 mold, coated with the release agent, in a container where the mold can be easily removed
  • Let it cure overnight at a temperature between 60 and 100 C
  • When cured, remove from the mold and cut the mold in the necessary pieces
  • If the final objective is a microfluidic sealed with glass, place both PDMS mold and glass in an oxygen plasma for surface activation
  • Remove both pieces from the plasma, avoid touching the surfaces, align both pieces and press them together.