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Palladium, Pd, is a soft, ductile, and lustrous silvery-white metal that resembles platinum. It is commonly used in catalytic converters, electronics, and hydrogen purification. Palladium does not react with Oxygen at room temperature.


Process technologies that can be used to deposit/pattern this material. If this is a substrate, refer to what tool/process restrictions there may be and possibly remove the following sub-sections.

Deposition Equipment

Etching Equipment

Characterization Equipment


  • Discuss common uses/applications for this material. Why this materials is used in the LNF?


Deposition Processes

Etching Processes

  • Wet etching
    • Palladium can be wet etched in nitric or sulfuric acids. The LNF does not have established processes for these etches.
    • It can be stripped in Aqua Regia.

Characterization Processes

  • The profilometer can be used to measure the thickness of your deposition.

Other Relevant Material Information

Technical Data

  • Charts or specific LNF related data for this material.