Plasma processing

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Plasma processing refers to any microfabrication process that uses a plasma discharge to achieve the process results. There are deposition processes like PECVD and sputtering, etching processes (RIE), cleaning, and surface activation to name a few.


There are a variety of plasma processing technologies commonly used in the LNF, including:

Plasma deposition

Main article: Plasma deposition

Plasma etching

Main article: Plasma etching

Plasma etching uses chemical and physical reactions between the plasma and the surface of the sample to remove a desired material from the sample. It is a highly controllable process compared to other forms of etching.

Plasma cleaning

Main article: Plasma cleaning

Surface activation

Main article: Surface activation


For a complete list of plasma processing equipment available at the LNF, please see Category:Plasma processing equipment or the appropriate technology listed above.